Simple Test Plans

Simple plans is the sweet spot between a complex QA solution and a simple test document.

Getting Started

Simple Test Plan is available in the project sidebar for all of your Jira Projects. The application is made up of two main parts

Creating a Plan

Click the "Edit" button next to a test plan or click the "New Test Plan" button to open up the test plan editor.

This editor is structured like a document and allows you to define the testing plan for a particular feature. Use the text boxes to define test cases and their associated steps and expected results.

If you need to re-order the steps or test cases just drag and drop the handles on the left hand side.

Creating a new Test Run

Click the "New Test Run" or "Run Plan" button to begin a testing session.

Each session can run one of more Test Plans and it's possible to choose individual test cases to include in the run. You might select every plan when performing a large release to do full regression testing or you might want to test a single feature.

From this screen you can associate the test run with a particular Jira release or a Jira ticket.

Running the Test Plan

On the next screen a tester can record the results of each step in the selected test cases for the run. For each step you have the option of Pass, Skip or Fail and can record some detailed notes and screenshots about the test.

Test Run Reports

After submitting the Test Run a report will be created that can be exported or printed. The report summary displays

You can use the View Settings button to customise the report to view any screenshots or notes collected during the testing.


If you have any questions about the functionality of Simple Test Plans, please reach out to